I am writing this post by staying within my rights, exercised upon me by the Constitution of India, Article 19. (http://www.constitution.org/cons/india/p03.html)

Gone are the days when India was thought of as simply being a land of snake charmers and elephants. We are now one of the fastest growing economies in the world, with the youngest population and a continuously improving standard of living. The recent liberalization of FDI regulation has made the prospects even brighter, according to many. It is time we identify and begin to VALUE the resources we have, rather than squandering them away. Even the startup ecosystem has begun to see a major boom in India. However, we still have a lot of topics to address and many fatal shortcomings to overcome:-

  • We need to move away from being just an outsourcing hub, to being a land of technological innovation.
  • Internet has to penetrate to the remotest of Indian regions. Over a billion people cannot be educated simply by using the traditional approach. Internet has to be used as a medium to give everyone access to educational websites.
  • The basic infrastructure has to be improved.
  • Agriculture is the backbone of our country. It is therefore essential that we educate the farmers and also provide them with the best technology on how they can best make use of their resources.
  • Bureaucracy needs to be killed. The best solution to address this is by making everything electronic, where it can be tracked.
  • Have educated and non-corrupt people lead, rather than ones who have a criminal record.
  • AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, we need to free our politics from the social dictators. And how do we do that? By educating the masses, especially those who are in a dire situation and hence serve as an easy prey to the politicians looking to brainwash individuals for their own good.


Speaking about politics, I am filled with disgust for the recent events in our country. We pride in our country being a democracy, but is it behaving like one? Let’s start off by asking the right questions:

Why do we need a government?

From what I understand, a government is needed to establish & maintain domestic peace, promote welfare for ALL, protect our nation from foreign invasion, help

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with fair trade & exchange, but most of all, TO PROVIDE FOR THE SAFETY & PROTECTION OF THE CITIZENS. Okay, so let’s ask the follow-up question:

What forms of government can we choose from, and what do they signify?

(My knowledge here does not go beyond google searches)

  1. Monarchy: Where we have a single ruler as King/Queen/Emperor and the next ruler is chosen by inheritance. This is seen in Saudi Arabia.
  2. Dictatorship: Where a single person controls the government. Example- Saddam Hussein in Iraq.
  3. Democracy: Where power is shared by all the people. It is a form of government that stands for ‘ruled by the people’. Example- India.

Today, the world is moving towards democracy, and rightly so. Isn’t that what every individual would want? A right to express himself and to be heard?

India embraced Democracy as a form of government when it achieved independence. We are a very diverse country with many castes, languages & religions. However despite these differences in the entity we worship, or the language we use to communicate, we all do our best to live together in peace, as a COMMUNITY.

Next question:

What rights does a citizen have in a country that claims to be a democracy?

Well, I do not know them all, but certainly know that we have a right to express ourselves, and speak freely. What gives our politicians the rights to make speeches and comments that can lead to communal disharmony? It is time they begin to respect the sensitive country that we have. For years and years now, we have been fighting numerous internal battles based on deception, ignited by those who are simply looking for their personal gain.


How do we bring about a change?

  • My gut feeling says education, it always does. The more literate our population, the better decisions they can make for themselves, and catch deceit at its origin. We wont just blindly place our belief in what we hear. Education is the single greatest tool that can prepare us to tackle any situation.
  • Social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Quora are a great resource, not just for being social, but also for getting the community involved. It is time the leaders realized that and let people be vocal/social as desired.
  • Most importantly, we need to let the politicians and leaders understand that it is we who elect them. We also have the power to get rid of them. Our country may be diverse but we are NOT divided.
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