Startups like Uber, Handy and Task Rabbit have made their services a part of our everyday lives. Over the past month I have been absolutely impressed by three other services that have made life a lot more easier for individuals like myself:

Trunk Club: This is clothing service for men where a personal stylist handpicks high-end clothes and ships it for free. Customers share details about their style, fit and size preferences, and the company ships them a handpicked selection of clothes. Founded in 2009, the company was acquired last year by Nordstrom for a whooping $350M.

I have signed up for their services since over a year now, but only tried it the first time two weeks ago. My conversion was fueled by frustration of my attitude towards buying clothes online without trying them on, messing up my size and often not knowing how to match the clothes in my wardrobe.

My personal stylist, Andrea Weilgus (seen below) was extremely professional, knowledgable and friendly. She engaged me in a conversation about my comfort with colors, style, profession, age and then used that information to hand-pick clothes for me that suited my lifestyle. You can reach out to your stylist at any point through the app, which fills your profile with the stylist’s contact details.

Trunk Club’s location in New York is a clubhouse with 6 levels, a bar and on-site tailor to quick-fix any alternations that may be required. Though pricey, I highly recommend this service to anyone who like myself thinks there is value in the service beyond just the clothes you are purchasing.

Trunk Club - Andrea Weilgus

Shyp: This service gives me the same experience I receive when using Amazon Prime. Instant, Convenient and Flawless. I have used it thrice in the past three weeks.

Shyp allows you to click a photo of items you want to ship, and within 15 minutes they have a ‘Shyp Hero’ who picks up the items. You can track the Syhp Hero by viewing his location on a map interface within the app. The items are packed and shipped within 24 hours from their warehouse, and you receive an notification with a code for real time tracking.

All shipments are insured. I like that they support global shipping, given that my startup iFunding has employees world over. The convenience comes at a price (about $5), but you are paying for the service so it is worth it unless you enjoy running to the post office that may cost you time and a lot of frustration waiting.

I am fairly confident that Amazon may buy Shyp in the near future!

Shyp screenshot

Harry’s: Not sure how this stacks up against Dollar Shave Club (which I have not ever used) but Harry’s has some amazing products with best in class design. I have not enjoyed shaving this much in my life.

Once you sign up, the company ships you a shaving kit at regular intervals, depending on how frequently you shave. The products are inexpensive and are extremely well designed. You have the option to purchase individual items such as blades or shaving gel, if you are not interested in the entire kit.

I love Harry’s products so much, I am secretly praying my facial hair starts growing at a faster pace.


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