For every child, his father is a role model, friend and accomplice, and it has been no different with me. My father, my mother and my brother have been the most influential individuals in my life. They nourished my identity by reasoning and supporting every decision I made, no matter how impulsive it seemed. While I love my mother more than any other individual in this world, this article is a tribute to the man who raised my brother and me with a vision, in his words, “Nishaan chook maaf che, pun neechu nishaan maaf nathi”, which translates to Try and fail, but don’t you fail to try!

Role Model

The most important lesson my dad taught us, was on entrepreneurship, that while it is essential to study and get a good job, don’t ever forget that your intention of getting a job is to learn a

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business from the ground up, and not to collect paychecks to feel secure. He taught us to be risk-takers and commit to what we believe in. The burning flame that represents entrepreneurship and the desire to do something different is within us all. I am grateful to my dad, who like Will Smith in ‘A Pursuit of Happyness’, has nurtured us to go after what we believe in.

You got a dream, protect it.

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