In the movie ‘Good Will Hunting’ there is a scene where the professor’s aide tells Will “Most people never get to see how brilliant they can be. They don’t find teachers that believe in them. They get convinced they’re stupid.” He simply meant that most people, regardless of their genius, fall prey to the Crab Mentality.

Have you heard about what happens to a crab that attempts to escape a bucket full of live crabs? Other crabs inside the bucket pull it back. This strange phenomenon continues infinitely and not a single crab manages to escape before they all face the same fate in the end. Short-sighted, non-constrictive and malicious thinking that halts other people’s chance of success is termed as ‘The Crab Mentality’. Entrepreneurs are individuals who attempt to dream big and achieve the extraordinary. It requires unwavering efforts and positive support. The last thing you need is to get bogged down. Therefore, fighting the Crab Mentality is one of the biggest challenges you face as an aspiring entrepreneur.

Crab Mentality

Here are five useful tips to help you break the shackles of the society and overcome the Nay-sayers:

Dream Big

From the first airplane that flew in the air to the first rocket that landed on the moon, it all started with a dream. It is the dream that separates the ordinary ones from the extra-ordinary ones. So, don’t settle for anything less than extra-ordinary. Dream as big as you can and set your goals as high as you possibly can. The bigger you will dream, the better you will achieve.

Validate Your Business Idea

People with crab mentality may not have faith in you, but what really matters is whether you believe in your dream or not. Prevent your own faith from wavering by validating your business idea. Validation offers clarity, understanding and confidence. The best way to do it is to put as much research as possible. Reach out to the target market, consult experts, analyze case studies and conduct a survey. At this point an abstract dream becomes a valid idea.

Build a Team

Entrepreneurs are individuals who tend to dream about collaborative and constructive progress of the society. That is why they will always need social, moral and professional support. It is not unusual for entrepreneurs to start all alone but there is only so much you can do on their own, especially when you are coping with a Crab Mentality. This is where you need a team. Build a team that is equipped with professional competence as well as positive enthusiasm.

Stay Positive

The crab that mostly keeps you down is you. The best way to fight off external negativity is to focus on your internal positivity. When you set off on the entrepreneurial path, failures are almost inevitable. As a matter of fact, failure is what prepares you for the success. One’s who get discouraged and dis-heartened are seldom the ones who make it to the top. So, be prepared to face the harshest hit with a positive attitude. Don’t lose your faith in your dream and use your failures as stepping stones towards success.

Move Forward

No one said starting a business was an easy feat. As an entrepreneur you must be prepared to deal with issues, problems and concerns. While it is good to give each issue its fair time, it is never wise to get bogged down with one thing. When they see you stuck at one place, the crabs will try their best to keep you there forever.

Try to sort out whether a matter is important enough to spend time on or are details really worth the wait. You might be wasting your time and resources on unnecessary objectives. This will only halt your progress and mar the energy level of the whole team.

Finally, you must realize that if you have a dream, you definitely have the knack to realize it. You just need to believe in your dream, organize your efforts and avoid the clutches of the crab mentality that we often fall prey to.

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