In a previous article, I spoke about crowdsourcing and mentioned a list of websites that use crowdsourcing. One of them is Crowdformers, which is a platform to share content on creatively reusing products of minimal or no value.

Consider the amount of milk cartons, plastic bottles, aluminum foils, paper and cardboard that we usually throw away every week. What if you could learn to make storage boxes from a single sheet of paper? What if the milk cartons and cardboard boxes could be used to create valuable products for your everyday use?

Crowdformers is a platform for people from all over the world to share their creativity and ideas on utilizing value from what would otherwise be trashed as junk. We follow the 3Rs of waste hierarchy: Recycle, Reuse and Refuse. The Recycling part involves creating new products from junk, the Reusing aspect involves using the recycled items for daily chores; and the Refusing part is covered by eliminating the need for new products.


An interesting outcome of the Crowdformers platform is that it allows for a variety of individuals to come together on a single website. All share a common passion for creating items out of junk, but they have different preferences. Some individuals focus more on creating items that appeal to the aesthetic senses, while others are more focused on creating things that can be used in our daily lives.

Therefore, a wide and colorful range of tutorials are present on the platform, teaching you how to create the most beautiful and artsy decorative items as well as how to create basic utility products such as earrings out of old cables. Such a diverse population of individuals on a single platform can also encourage an increased interaction between recyclers all around the world. Several have inspired each other and have worked together on different projects. The database on items that can be created from everyday junk is growing rapidly, and instructions are available on the website.

When the idea for Crowdformers was conceived, there were four basic purposes which the website was intended to serve for very user:

  1. Figure out a way to creatively reuse junk.
  2. Interact with like-minded individuals and share tips on how to further simplify the process.
  3. Work on improving the final product design so that it is appealing to a lot more individuals.
  4. Get more people involved by making the process viral & create products in larger quantities.

The site is also aimed at increasing awareness among the younger generations. Our younger generations have been raised in an environment where consumerism is at its peaks. Valuable natural resources are being extracted, and the earth is being polluted, in order to cater to the needs of the market.

It is important for us to not lose sight of the environmental impact of the things we buy. When buying, we must always try to opt for environment friendly and reusable products. Disposable items are a bane to the environment because they have minimal reuse value.

Through Crowdformers, younger generations get to learn how to create useful items from every day junk. Thus they get involved in a creative activity, get an increased sense of social awareness and responsibility, and get to have fun while learning. It takes no time to use and dispose a product, but only when you try to build it do you realize the effort required to actually make it.

Crowdformers is the best place to learn how to convert junk to spunk; the site caters to everyone from young children to adults. If you wish to learn and do something productive and creative with the junk you throw away, click here and visit Crowdformers right now.

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