Butterfly Effect, part of Chaos Theory, states that an event as small as a butterfly flapping its wings can cause a typhoon. This is what evolution is all about. The smallest of actions may set into motion a series of events that share a very deep connection and power to self-organize, thus resulting in unprecedented outcomes. What was once small grows into something big. Today’s business environment is based on a similar structure. Virtually everything is interconnected and interlinked.

Butterfly Effect

There are several examples where a small action can amplify the evolution of a business.

Sharing Content on Social Media

Virtually every business owner today is tapping into the power of social media. Let’s say you posted a tweet about your startup. A prominent person, with a sizable following on the social network liked your tweet and retweeted it. Inadvertently, every person who follows that person gets to see your tweet. Who knows, some of the leading bloggers and journalists might come across your post. And all you did was share it on social media!

Creating an Introduction

Having your elevator pitch ready at all times is absolutely essential. The purpose of an elevator pitch is for you to summarize your business in a timespan of a minute. Create an introduction for yourself so that when you are at an industry event, you can leave a strong impression on the people you get to meet. Simply being introduced to someone could open up a world of opportunities for you.

Replying to Your Customers

A customer posts a question on your website or on a social media page. You are not bound to reply to it but if you do, you can earn customer loyalty. Your action will show the customer you really care about him/her. This is what helps turn a business into a brand.

Receiving a Minor Investment

An investor who provides you the money you need to turn your concept into a prototype can kickstart your startup. On basis of that prototype, you can secure further funding and eventually set up your business. Even minor funding can go a long way towards helping realize your dream. This is one philosophy that crowdfunding is based on.

Innovation Butterfly

Thinking out of the box doesn’t cost anything so you can be creative. Yet, certain ideas are disruptive in nature. For instance, smartphones are eating into the PC market and have created a niche of their own. The app industry, which never existed before, now exists thanks to smartphones.

Your innovation may not just disrupt an industry, but also create a new one altogether. You may not

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realize it at the time, but the smallest of events can amplify the evolution of your startup.

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