As a child, each one of us has looked up to someone; that one person who we admired and always wanted to be like; the person who we considered to be our role model. It could be our parents, Einstein (he he) or anyone who inspires and motivates us. Gradually as we grow, we try and behave in a similar fashion. But is this really the way it should be? Agreed each one of us must have someone to look up to and learn from, but soon it leads to a closed state of mind.

Let’s say I have a certain XYZ as my role model. Not only am I motivated and inspired by him, but at each stage in my life I question myself “what would XYZ do if he were in my shoes right now”. This seems to work well for us most of the times, but not always. It is not necessary that every decision XYZ takes is precisely how I should act too. Nor do I need to limit my thoughts, deeds, conduct, activities and actions to those of XYZ. You see there are always two sides to a coin and by having a paradigm, I confine my behavior to his. So it always helps to instill the good from each person we admire, but not loose our individual thinking. XYZ may be very good at what he does but situations change, the variables involved change and the world changes. Each one must evolve as an individual by grasping the merits from those who inspire us. It is only once we learn to absorb the positives from the greats that we realize as to how much there is to learn and know. How much could XYZ have possibly explored and known? Let me learn from his experiences and of countless others

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and enlarge my own thinking to realize a new possibility.

“Take the best from people and don’t emulate them, but do the same things in a more evolved way”- a dear friend told me

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